Automatic short fish (deep) skinner


Automatic (Deep) Skinner - Short

The automatic short fish (deep) skinner ST700V has next to the advantages of the ST600V(10) some extra unique properties. One example is that it is easy and fast to take apart without the use of any tools. It simply opens up and certain parts can be removed and placed on an optional trolley. This makes the machine fast and easy to clean. Another example is that it can easily be set for regular and deep skinning at any given point.  Just move the handles at the side to set it at the desired depth. This makes it very versatile and optimal for salmon processing. Looking to fully automate? Just place it in-line.


Can be used for skinning:

  • Certain whole flatfish
  • Deepskinning and regular skinning of various fillets
  • Smoked, thawed and fresh fillets
  • Portions
  • Small, medium and large fillets
  • Eel
  • Fresh, thawed or smoked products
  • Certain whole fish, fillets or portions
  • Fine, delicate fish with thin (weak) skin
  • Optimal for deepskinning and high-yield skinning on the same unit
  • Rough and larger fillets
  • Eel
  • No split tails
  • High speed (regulatable as option) and dual lane infeed
  • Minimal pressure on fillet and no damages
  • Medium and professional processors
  • Automatic infeed and outfeed belts
  • In-line placement possible
  • Can work without water on the fillet; optimal for sushi or sashimi
  • Cleaning roller system, no comb for sublime quality
  • Easy and toolless regulatable with preset basic setting
  • Easy and toolless disassembly for easy and fast cleaning: trolley available
  • Standard with short in-and outfeed conveyors, other versions available
  • Transport belts open and are easy to change, toolless
  • Valve operated, regulatable water system included
  • Wide skinning surface: 48cm (2 independent lanes)
  • Electronically monitored guards
  • Best available techniques, durable and thicker materials
  • Fast return on investment and long lifetime
  • All stainless steel and food grade materials
  • Conform CE requirements

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Automatic short fish (deep) skinner

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Automatic short fish (deep) skinner