STEEN, 60 years of processing knowledge

Quality – Experience – Success

Since the creation of STEEN in 1960, it was very clear the brand represented an attractive concept for our customers in the fish and poultry processing industry. Great service, technical know-how and optimal customer service is still today a very successful formula  offered to our customers by F.P.M. International NV. On top of that, customers are fond of our quality and experience in the market and the success it generates after working together with us.

To ensure the equipment’s quality, F.P.M. International implies the strongest quality control and the use of thicker, durable and more robust materials as used in conventional machines. What’s more, all of our high-end materials and components used to build our equipment, are made by specialized companies which guarantee quality, a high accuracy and certified food grade materials as prescribed in the food processing industry.

Innovative concepts are being delivered, following or even preceding new trends, legislation and changes on the market. Because of our know-how, optimal customer service, and a worldwide sales network, there is a lot of interaction each day. Here, new ideas and trends are learned and are implemented in our concepts. From our 60 years of experience in the trade, it is proven that our solution is a key to success our customers. It all starts with one machine…

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