Our technology,
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fish and poultry

With over 60 years of experience
and global recognition
our products speak for themselves.

Fish processing

Discover the STEEN fish processing machines that will offer you solutions for skinning, pinbone removal, descaling, eel processing and more. All our equipment meets strict requirements according to CE.

Poultry processing

STEEN poultry processing equipment will offer you solutions for chicken, turkey, duck and pheasant processing on the areas of skinning, deboning, tulip processing, spare rib cutting and more.

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    Key Values



    Our equipment meets very strict quality control and is assembled exclusively out of food grade and high-quality components. Still they offer an excellent return on investment.



    Over 60 years of experience in fish and poultry processing is the basis of our know-how, which expands daily with the changes in the industry.



    Success is based on excellent customer relationships, a worldwide customer service and just damn good equipment that lasts!