Chicken tulip & deboning machine ST840 STEEN for prime wing (drumettes) thigh and drum.


Deboner and Tulip Processer

The ST840 chicken tulip & deboning machine is very multifunctional… 6 in one! This machine is an upgrade of the ST828 thigh, drum and prime wing deboner with an integrated tulip processing unit, easily initiated. Only a few changes need to be made on the machine to change from deboning to tulip processing in a matter of minutes. Having all advantages of the ST828, high accuracy, adjustable meat compression and versatility can be added to the list! And all of this at a low investment cost!


Can be used for deboning (D) and tulip (T) formation of:

Thigh (D)
Drum (D)
Prime Wing (D)
rThigh (T)
rDrum (T)
rPrime Wing (T)
  • Water and air chilled products
  • Deboning and tulip processor in one:
    • Deboning of anatomical cut thigh, drum and prime wing (excl. pheasant)
    • Tulip processing of anatomical cut thigh, drum and prime wing (excl. pheasant)
  • No precutting needed!
  • Meat in one piece
  • Bone unbroken (99%)*
    * Bone needs to be cut anatomically, unbroken and intact before deboning
  • Up to 45pcs/minute with one operator: speed regulatable
  • 1 to 3 operators with trimming belt (1 feeding, 2 trimmers)
  • Very small footprint
  • Small, medium and professional processors
  • High quality of deboning and tulip processing
  • Excellent yield
  • Unique pre-formed trays for product
  • 4 dedicated units and 4 counter units
  • No pressure on diaphragm
  • Switching between deboning and tulip setup takes max 15 minutes
  • Meat compression on bone is easy adjustable
  • Electrical and pneumatic system with required minimum pressure
  • Horizontal feeding
  • Outfeed belt or belt/ trimming table for cartilage removal available
  • Electronically monitored guards
  • Infeed safety
  • Sensor which prevents cylinder malfunction in the machine
  • Low pressure sensor integrated
  • All parts for deboning and tulip processing included
  • Different diaphragm and spacer sizes available
  • Best available techniques, durable and thicker materials
  • Very fast return on investment and long lifetime
  • All stainless steel and food grade materials
  • Conform CE requirements

More videos available on our YouTube channel – STEEN TV

Chicken tulip & deboning machine

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Chicken tulip & deboning machine