Free standing fish skinner - manual fed free standing skinning machine


Free Standing Skinner

The free standing ST600SK poultry skinner is equipped with a wide skinning surface, high-speed roller and cleaning roller system, which gives the machine several unique and desirable properties in the poultry processing industry. Pulling the skin rather then cutting, means that you will not need to sharpen the blade or use disposable blades. A second advantage is that the membrane remains undamaged and no meat is lost, resulting in more money in your pocket!


Can be used for skinning:

Deboned Thigh
Whole Leg
Breast Cap
Whole Breast
Whole Chicken*
Single Fillet
Double Fillet
Prime Wing
Mid Wing

           *Without wings

  • Water and air chilled products
  • Membrane undamaged
  • High quality of skin: removed in one piece
  • Chicken product with bone and not smaller than whole leg
  • Turkey product with or without bone
  • No meat loss*
    *Meat lumps attached to the skin, but not to the main meat part can be removed with the skin and is not considered as meat loss as it will be removed with any kind of skinning
  • High speed
  • Pulling the skin – not cutting
  • Small footprint
  • Small, medium and professional processors
  • Manual infeed
  • No disposable blades: blunt blade that never needs sharpened
  • No air required
  • No water during production required, optional if needed in your region, valve controlled
  • 24V footswitch included
  • No comb: closed skinning and cleaning roller system for best quality
  • Best available techniques, durable and thicker materials
  • Fast return on investment and long lifetime
  • All stainless steel and food grade materials
  • Conform CE requirements

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Free standing poultry skinner

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Free standing poultry skinner