Eel Gutter

The ST504 eel gutting machine is an optimal and consistent solution for high-speed and consistent gutting of fresh, farmed eels. Between the weight range of 100 to 250 grams, the machine can process 23 eels per minute on one and the same setting. No additional adjustments are needed. On the mechanical memory, the first units make a clean cut in the belly, the scraper and a suction mouth collect and remove the intestines from the belly, while the last unit will brush out all the remaining blood. All waste is sucked into an optional collector which is easy to empty and rinse by the push of a button.



Can be used for gutting:

  • Fresh, farmed eel from 100 to 250 grams
  • Wild eel under strict conditions
  • Fresh and farmed eel
  • Gutting
  • 100 to 250grams
  • With or without head
  • Wild eel under strict conditions
  • Easy manual infeed with visual recognition for the operator
  • Mechanical memory
  • No extra adjusting needed in given range, finetuning possible
  • High speed
  • Nice clean and straight cut by two circular blades
  • Head stays intact for spearing
  • Medium and professional processors
  • Consistent
  • All intestines removed by scraping and suction
  • Blood brushed and washed out of the eel
  • Easy and clean accumulation of the intestines
  • Collector is easy to empty pneumatically – compressed air required
  • Water system included
  • Electronically monitored guards included
  • Infeed safety guard included
  • Outfeed belt available
  • Vacuum system and vacuum pump available
  • Best available techniques, durable and thicker materials
  • Fast return on investment and long lifetime
  • All stainless steel and food grade materials
  • Conform CE requirements

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Eel gutting machine

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Eel gutting machine