Automatic poultry skinning machine ST700K


Automatic Skinner - Long

Time is money, no matter where it is spent. The ST700K will save time in production, cleaning and maintenance and therefore it will save you quite some money! And if your quality is important to you, this machine will be your best choice! Dual infeed lane, automatic infeed and outfeed conveyors, no damages on the membrane, pulling the skin, leaving the skin in one piece, no disposable blades needed, easy to open without tools and easy and fast to clean, sophisticated engineered design are all aspects contributing to this goal. Like to save on floorspace? Go for our short conveyors or just put it in line!


Can be used for skinning:

Deboned Thigh
Whole Leg
Boneless Leg
Breast Cap
Double Fillet
Single Fillet
Prime Wing
Mid Wing
  • Water and air chilled products
  • Membrane undamaged
  • High quality of skin: removed in one piece
  • Various products with or without bone
  • No meat loss*
    * Meat lumps attached to the skin, but not to the main meat part can be removed with the skin and is not considered as meat loss as it will be removed with any kind of skinning.
  • High speed and dual lane infeed to double your capacity and skin more different products
  • Pulling the skin – not cutting
  • Small footprint
  • Medium and professional processors
  • Minimal to no pressure on the product during skinning
  • No disposable blades: blunt blade that never needs to be sharpened
  • No air required
  • Easy and fast full maintenance
  • Easy and toolless disassembly for easy and fast cleaning: trolley available
  • Transport belts open and are easy to change without any tools
  • Double bearing (cleaning)roller bushings
  • In-line placement possible
  • Automatic infeed and outfeed belt included
  • No water during production required, optional if needed in your region, valve controlled
  • No comb, closed skinning and cleaning roller system for best quality
  • Electronically monitored guards included
  • Standard with long in-and outfeed, other versions are offered optional
  • Best available techniques, durable and thicker materials
  • Very fast return on investment and long lifetime
  • All stainless steel and food grade materials
  • Conform CE requirements
  • Machine speed exceeds operator speed

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Automatic poultry skinning machine

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Automatic poultry skinning machine