Mackerel Spearing

Also placing mackerels on a spear for smoking can be a very time consuming and hazardous job. Same as the ST915, the ST916 pushes a rod through the eye area of the farmed mackerels (300 – 500grams) and places them at optimal distance from each other for smoking. Pre-formed trays make it easy for the operator to manually feed the machine to pneumatically spear +/-14 mackerels per minute. By pushing two buttons simultaneously, the operator’s hands cannot come near the system as this closes a guard and the spear is pushed. When the pushing system retracts, the machine is loaded with a new spear for the next batch.


Can be used for spearing:

  • Fresh, farmed and gutted mackerel from 300 to 500 grams with head
  • Fresh, farmed mackerel
  • Spearing for smoking
  • 300 to 500 grams
  • Gutted, with head
  • High speed
  • Easy and manual infeed: pre-formed feeding trays
  • Automatic re-loading system
  • No extra adjusting needed in given range
  • Optimal spacing for smoking
  • Spear goes through eyes, not damaging the meat
  • 100% pneumatic, no electricity needed
  • Medium and professional processors
  • Consistent
  • Easy and fast to clean
  • Machine is built according to the length of spears of the smoking chamber
  • Dual safety button
  • Spears available
  • Best available techniques, durable and thicker materials
  • Fast return on investment and long lifetime
  • All stainless steel and food grade materials
  • Conform CE requirements

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