Semi Automatic Descaler

This re-engineered ST521 SAM from the vegetable industry can be loaded with +/-20 kg of whole fish at the time including the ice. By the rotating motion of the bottom plate, the fish are pulled over the specially coated disc and scrapers, removing the scales. The water washes the scales and ice out off the system and can be collected in the optional basket. A timer can be set for each batch, so the operator can easily have a second task. The fish is not intended for display and needs to be filleted prior to selling.


Can be used for descaling:

  • Sea bream
  • Sea bass (grouper)
  • Redfish and more similar whole fish of +/-30cm
  • Fish with scales
  • Sea bream, sea bass (grouper), redfish and more similar whole fish of +/-30cm
  • +/- 20kg per time with or without ice
  • Descaled fish needs to be filleted and not intended for display*
    * Due to the abrasive effect of the descaling pads and disc, the scales are removed, but other exterior parts of the fish are also affected. After filleting you cannot tell the difference between manually and machinal descaled fillets.
  • High speed
  • Easy to use without any training
  • Continuous use
  • 100% electrical – no compressor needed
  • Small, medium and professional processors
  • Consistent
  • Easy to clean
  • Semi-automatic emptying
  • Special coated and easy removable descaling pads and disc
  • Timer included: same timing can be applied for similar badges
  • Valve operated water system included
  • Scales basket available
  • Best available techniques, durable and thicker materials
  • Fast return on investment and long lifetime
  • All stainless steel and food grade materials
  • Conform CE requirements

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